Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Back to School

Yesterday was one of my favourite days of the year - back to school! We took our photos (although unfortunately our family one was blurry) and then walked the boys to school.  The schoolyard is a fun place on the first day, and I like to see the kids’ friends and their parents. 

Q got lots of comments on his hairdo!

We walked with our neighbours and saw a bunch of other kids along the way.  I looked behind us at one point and said “there is a horde following us!”

E has 20 boys in his class!! (And 10 girls). Bless those teachers.

Q has some buddies in his class too.

They lined up and went inside.  It was a hot day for the first day of school, but they were all smiles.  

Cheers to a successful year!

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  1. Happy first day of school to your boys! The first day playground buzz sure is fun. You brought back many happy memories for me 😊