Monday, September 25, 2023

Weekly Groceries

I always love seeing what people are buying at the grocery store so this weekend I took some pictures of what I bought to show you.  I was just at regular old Loblaws, no fancy Trader Joe's for me ;)

I do like to do orders for pick up, but sometimes I have to actually go to the store and shop.  This was a pretty typical grocery week for us.

Starting with bread products - mini muffins for breakfast (typically I would make muffins but we are without an oven at the moment), brioche buns for burgers and smaller ones for the kids' lunches, pitas for shawarma, microwave rice, Oreo minis for the kids' lunches, and Ryvita crackers for me. 

Pantry items - Tide pods, crispy onions for salad toppings, Tostitos for our chili, honey for hot lemon drinks, chick peas and lentils for a salad, chilli peppers and tomatoes for chilli, and Advil

Produce - The kids like cucumbers, pears, and melons for their lunches, Dave likes bananas for his shakes, I like avocado and radishes for breakfast, lemons for lemon water, and the other things are for chilli (green pepper, jalapeño, green onions, and garlic)

Dairy/Meat/Freezer - Small milk and cream to fit in our small fridge, waffles, frozen vegetables, ham for sandwiches, ground turkey for chilli, chicken thighs for shawarma, plain yoghurt, tzatziki, and salmon burgers.  I also got eggs but they didn't seem to have made it into the photo!


  1. I love seeing grocery store items from different countries. The packaging and most of the names on the product labels are so different over here. I'd also love to compare the prices for what you guys pay compared to the prices we pay.

    1. This order was $195 (Canadian of course), not including the Advil which I actually bought at the drug store afterwards. Loblaws is mid-range when it comes to prices. We have lower cost stores, and then the higher ones like Whole Foods. I always forget that other countries don't have the bilingual labels, we are just so used to seeing French and English I don't even notice it anymore.

  2. When I saw the title of this post I said “yessss!!!” out loud hahaha. I love these kinds of posts!! How fun to see the different brands and packaging you have in Canada.

    Lauren @ Don’t Mind Our Mess

  3. I love seeing what people buy for groceries too! We tend to have lots and lots of fresh veggies and fruits and very little of anything else but Evan and I were laughing today because I had to stop in and pick up just a few things-- well it turned into 4 bags of chips, a loaf of bread, and some taco shells (so pretty much ALL carbs and fat!). Yet yesterday's cashier was like "wow, so many healthy fruits and veggies!"

  4. I always love seeing what others pick up at the store...especially fun to see Canada's version of things!