Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Fall Finds

I recently bought myself a few new things for the fall so I thought I'd share there here. 

This sweater from Aritzia.  It is a cardigan but I think I will always wear it with the buttons done up so it's a bit different. 

Also from Aritzia, this sweater.  It's like a mesh knit, and I wore a black tank top underneath it.

I bought these pants at Mango in khaki green and black.  They work for business casual even with the drawstring. 

I also got this dress from Mango, although I haven't worn it yet. 

Now I need to find some boots to wear.  I have a short pair of Sorels that work with jeans, but I finally got rid of my tall boots last year and I want to find something stylish and comfortable to wear with dresses and skirts.  Any suggestions on what is trending right now? I like the Cole Haan riding boots but I'd have to try them on to really know if I like them. 

While I was looking at the Cole Haan site, I see they have their ballet flats back.  I used to have these in three different colours and went through two black pairs.  I will be purchasing these again.

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