Friday, September 15, 2023

Friday Favourites


Happy Friday! I know I will be happy to see the weekend when this day is over.  

This week Q walked to school with E in the morning.  It is nice to give them both some independence. 

Choir has started up again and we will be looking forward to going back to church on Sundays.  I always meant to go in the summer but I never did make it.  

I always reflect on September 11 and think about where I was, and how we all felt that day.  I remember those who went to work that morning or boarded a plane and didn't come home that night. I loved seeing the double rainbow that appeared over New York City on Monday this week.

On Monday I posted about my hobbies.  I included working out in that list since it is something I do enjoy doing, and this week was no exception.  Hannah Corbin had a Chris Stapleton ride and it was so good!! I loved every song.

This is one of our favourite weekends, our neighbouhood is hosting the annual Ukrainian Festival. We will go up the street a couple of times so the kids can do some rides and we can hear some music and see the Ukrainian dancers. 

Last weekend I was in Nova Scotia.  This weekend they are expecting Lee (which is now a tropical storm) to make landfall. We will be watching and hoping the province fares well.

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  1. Awww I love the pic of Q and E walking to school. The picture of the rainbow over New York is spectacular, I was also recalling where I was and what I was doing on that sad day. The Ukrainian festival sounds so fun, I love cultural events like that. I hope you post some pics and tell us all about it. Have a lovely weekend Sarah!

  2. That photo of your two boys walking to school is so precious! I love that photo of the rainbows over NY.

  3. The walking to school pic is too sweet. I hope lee doesn't cause too much damage.