Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Weekend Recap

I took an impromptu trip to Nova Scotia for the weekend!  Sadly the purpose of the trip was to attend a funeral but it was so nice to get "home" to see some familiar faces and spend time with my family. Since my husband and kids stayed at home, it was also a little vacation for me :)

The Halifax Waterfront has developed so much in the past couple of years.  There are so many fun restaurants, shops, and artwork now, so different from when I lived there in university and worked at Salty's. The tourists were out in full force - particularly because of Fleet Week and a visiting cruise ship.  It was a beautiful day!

This metal art is a sailboat, can you see it in there?

Do you recognize that silhouette?

It's the Bluenose in full sail.  (For you non-Canadians, the Bluenose is on our ten-cent piece.)

We had to have lunch at McKelvies.  This used to be my uncle's restaurant (along with the aforementioned Salty's where I worked in university). He died a few years ago and his business partner has since sold the restaurant, but it is still a favourite spot for our family.

We met my aunt, cousin, and new baby R!

This was a mural on the side of a building, but it was also a postcard that I picked up at the liquor store two years ago when we went to Cape Breton and had on my bedside table since then.

We then drove home to Shelburne, about two hours away.  I poured myself a drink (sparkling water and some juice) and enjoyed the warm weather and view.

It was a grey sort of morning to start out,  tide was going out.

The funeral was in the morning, and then the reception afterwards.  In the afternoon I called my friend (whose mother it was that died) on the phone (!) to see if she wanted to come over to sit on the deck.  She did that, and her kids were swimming in the water in front of us with the other neighbour kids.  It was a very nice afternoon and we toasted her mom with a glass of rose.

We had lobster for supper that night, what a treat!!

On Sunday my mom and I went for a walk.  It was humid and foggy so our view of the harbour left a bit to be desired. (My mom isn't that short, I'm standing on a rock!)

My flight was later in the afternoon so after lunch we drove back up to Halifax.  We drove through Hammonds Plains and saw the sites of the forest fires that happened earlier this summer.  Burnt trees on either side of the highway, something to see.  We also had seen where the highway near Bridgwater had been washed away by the record rainfall. Nova Scotia had a rough summer!

I flew on Flair and it wasn’t too bad, no complaints, and the price was right!

Meanwhile the kids attended birthday parties and E’s baseball team won its playoff game.

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  1. Nova Scotia looks beautiful and how lovely that you were able to visit your family. Sad about the passing of your friend's mum though. I hope she is ok.