Thursday, September 21, 2023

Renovation Update

Not too must has changed since August's update.  We have been slightly delayed on a few things as we were waiting on an HVAC assessment.  Since we will now have insulation and will be putting in some air conditioning, we needed to know how many radiators we need and where it would all go.  We have just now gotten that sorted out so work can resume.

Our kitchen, which is not being renovated, has come out from behind its plywood walls.  

Electrical has been roughed in.

Lining up where the pot lights will go

The new fireplace in the front room has been installed.  It is slightly tucked away where the old firebox used to be. 

Our ensuite shower, it will have a shampoo/soap niche.  We will have glass walls but no door.  The less hardware the better.

The plumbing for the new bathroom had to be tied into the basement plumbing.  Dave had to take down the cabinets and counter, and move the washer and dryer so this could be achieved.  In true Dave fashion, it was no big deal and he got it put all back in record time and we were barely inconvenienced. 



The drywall still needs to be patched up, but it will be fixed up when the main project is done and they have to come down to fix the flood damage.

Our skylights have been installed.

Plumbing upstairs in the ensuite.

This is our attic, where the air conditioner will be placed.  We will also have a new hatch to access the attic, it used to be in Q's closet in the most awkward place ever.  

Our wall sconces for our bathroom and bedroom have arrived, along with the bathroom vanities.  We are pleased with them so far.  In what may be a controversial decision, we are not installing a main ceiling light fixture in any of the bedrooms, it will be pot lights all the way.  

Once the HVAC is placed, they can do a bit more framing around it (although we are hoping to keep the bulkheads to a minimum).  Then we need the inspector to come before they can start add the insulation and start closing up the walls with drywall.   Hoping our October update will be a bit more advanced. 


  1. What a massive job but its coming along. It will be beautiful.

  2. I love the skylights and I'm sure they'll look fantastic. I hope everything continues to move along smoothly and I'm truly amazed at Dave's handyman superpowers!

  3. I hope everything runs smoothly from here on out!

  4. Wow, what a major project. I can’t wait to see it once it’s all done, and I know you are probably VERY ready for it to be over!

    Lauren @ Don’t Mind Our Mess

  5. It's coming along!! I love seeing the updates.