Friday, September 22, 2023

Friday Favourites


We had a big week of sports related favourites.

E and Dave went for a run on Tuesday morning before school.  E is practicing the 3K he needs to do for cross country.  He got to wear Dave's Apple Watch.

E also got in a round of golf with some friends.

Q started his off season baseball training. He will do a 6 week session for the fall, and then we hope to get him signed up for the winter session too.

Dave was one of the co-captains for his golf club's mens' league, and his team won the league!

I had a celebrity sighting this week - Jillian Harris was at Alobar Downtown when I was there for lunch on Tuesday. She is just as tiny and pretty as you think she will be! I did not talk to her.  She was in town for her new cookbook promotion with her co-author Tori.

On Thursday I gave an update on our renovations, not much progress, but some.

I also talked about my experience with Invisalign.

More sports ahead this weekend.  I'm golfing this morning. Dave has two golf games planned, one with E, and Q has his last soccer game on Saturday.

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  1. Lots of great sports favorites this week!

  2. A busy sports week and it sound like another round this weekend. I learned that, along with patience I never knew I had, a sense of humor got me through our year-long kitchen/dining room renovation. We had it all - a blizzard, COVID, contractor woes, cabinets that didn't arrive or arrived damaged, doors that didn't fit, a whole wall of cabinets that didn't fit, you name it, we had it. We survived though and it was SO worth it!