Thursday, September 7, 2023

Reset Eating

It's that time of year for me, the end of summer indulgence, and a commitment to making healthy choices, a "reset" if you will.  As much as I do like those summer treats, by the end of last week, I was craving this break. We plan to try and stay pretty strict with ourselves until we head down to Orlando for Disney and Universal in mid-October.  

What healthy eating means to us is as follows:
- No alcohol
- No snacking after supper
- Lean proteins
- Lots of vegetables
- Limited sugar
- Smaller portions 
- Drinking lemon, ginger water in the morning

(Now, we will be celebrating Q's birthday at the end of the month and we will enjoy some cake then, and I'm sure we will enjoy a glass of wine or two here and there between now and October, so don't think we are completely denying ourselves from those special times.)

I'm not a big of fan of cooking separate meals for kids and adults, and although that does happen sometimes (for example, on Tuesday the kids had Kraft Dinner), so we can't just eat salads all the time since Q doesn't love salads.  We can also do simple swap outs for some parts of the meal, like I could eat pasta sauce and turkey meat balls on top of a baked sweet potato and the kids could eat pasta. 

Another habit I want to bring back is eating smaller meals throughout the day. I am done with my Invisalign now so I am not restricted to when I can eat. 

As you can tell we don't follow any sort of formal plan other than what we feel works best for us, could it be better? Probably but if we feel good and have lots of energy, then it works for us!

Breakfast - Scrambled eggs, radish, avocado
Snack - Greek yoghurt
Lunch - Bean salad (black beans, chick peas, rice/quinoa mix, Rotel tomatoes, and arugula)
Snack - Peach
Supper - BBQ chicken (marinated in lemon juice, oil, and garlic powder), sweet potatoes, beets
(We did get Dairy Queen Blizzards that night to celebrate the end of summer.)

Breakfast - Ryvita crackers with almond butter, hemp hearts, and cacao nibs
Snacks - Trail Mix
Lunch - Bean Salad
Snack - Cucumbers and hummus
Supper - Greek bowls with ground turkey, brown rice, cucumbers, tomatoes, black olives, and hummus

Breakfast - Greek yoghurt, granola, peach
Lunch - Avocado on Ryvita crackers
Snack - Egg with hummus
Supper - Salmon, arugula salad, yellow beans

Breakfast - Scrambled eggs, radish
Snack - Yoghurt
Lunch - Bean salad (it's still hanging in there!) 
Snack - Cucumbers and hummus
Supper - Chicken burger with lettuce and tomato


  1. That sounds like us at the moment. We have gotten much better with restricting snacks etc. I even walked away from a box of cheezels that were half-price at the supermarket today. I did the whole walk around the aisle twice. Then I went to pick up the box, resisted, got strong and walked away. It was tough!!

  2. ohhh your meals sound delish. We are heading out of town in a couple of weeks, so I'm trying to be pretty good too. I'm jealous you are finished w/ Invisialign...haha. I still have a ways to go and it's been 1.5 years. ugh