Monday, September 4, 2023

Summer Recap

 A little look back on our summer activities.  I felt like we were on the go a lot, and with our living quarters being in the basement, things seemed a bit "off". I sometimes have to remind myself that even if we don't do "everything" we are "supposed" to be doing (whatever that even means), we do still make happy memories.  What I did realize is that my summer enjoyment goes up exponentially the more I get to swim and bike, just like when I was a kid. 

We kicked off summer with a camping trip at Killbear Provincial Park. This was a new park for us and we loved it, although there was a ban on campfires while we were there. 

Then we dropped these cool kids off at Muskoka Woods.  Q was there for one week and E was there for two weeks. 

We had a series of nighbourhood "happy hours", we were the first to host and we rotated to other houses.

We enjoyed our local offerings.

E golfed several times with his friends, which was awesome. One parent would drop them off at Scarlett Woods, they would pay 18 holes and then someone else would pick them up.  No better way to spend the afternoon.  I also golfed at Scarlett Woods in the ladies' league on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I think I got about 14 rounds in with them, and picked up the Longest Drive prize one night.

We also spent quite a bit of time at the ballfield.  I helped coach Q's team on Wednesday nights, with E being a big help too.  Dave would help out with Saturday games.  E also played baseball two days a week.

We camped at Bruce Peninsula National Park.

My mom visited to entertain the boys one week. We took in a baseball game...

...and did some touring around Toronto.

Dave got lots of golf in, and I joined him on two occasions. 

Cheering on Q. This was a call-up game so no coaching duties needed from us!

We had dinner with friends at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club on the Toronto Islands.

We did some rock climbing.

The kids went to Dave's parents for the last week and we went to a Blue Jays game.

We picked up the kids and got some beach and biking time in.

E did a couple of golf camps and one basketball camp.  Q did a variety of day camps:
French camp (not a favourite), dino camp (and they visited the AGO), under the sea camp (and they visited the Aquarium), Pine Project (his favourite), and YMCA Toronto Islands camp. 

Checking in my summer to do list:

Paddleboarding on the Humber River - I did that twice, once with a friend and once with Q

Bike Ride by the Lake - I biked to work several times, and we all went up the Humber a few times

Toronto Myseum Exhibit - Yes

Blue Jays Game without the kids - Yes

Union Station Summer Market - Yes

Annette Farmer's Market - Yes, several times

Walk to get ice cream at Golden Gecko - No

See some live music - Yes, a few times

Go-Karting - No, but E went for a birthday party and we did go rock climbing, a good substitute

Beach Day on Toronto Islands - No

And not to worry, the kids goal of "iPad and TV" was achieved and so was Dave's goal of "golfing"!


  1. You had a busy summer. Enjoy the Fall

  2. I have loved seeing your lovely sunny photos and reading about your summer fun. It's helped me get through our winter. Sounds like you were able to cross lots of fun things off your summer to-do list too!