Saturday, September 9, 2023

Not Just A Mom - Hobbies

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Today’s topic is “Hobbies”. I think it is particularly important when you are a mom that you do have hobbies of your own (other than driving your kids around!) and so the title of our link of series is very relevant today.  That said, I also think it’s nice to have hobbies that overlap with your kids’ and spouse’s interests as well.  Family time and independent time are both important. 

Reading - I have always been a reader since I could read, and started with my first chapter book, Charlotte’s Web, in Grade 1. I always have a book on the go, and although I do most of my reading on the subway to and from work, I do like to read at home too as I think it sets a good example for my kids.  E (Grade 7) likes to read too and has made his way through some Harry Potter and other chapter books. Q (Grade 2) likes books but his reading skills need improvement before he’s ready for independent reading. 

Blogging - I make no income from this blog so it is purely a recreational pass time for me. I like putting together these posts to keep our family and friends updated on our happenings, and to provide some commentary on various things every once in awhile.  I also love reading others’ blogs and stay in touch with my “friends” in other parts of the world.  I think of them as my pen pals.

Golf - This summer I golfed once or twice a week in a local ladies’ league. I also golfed a couple of times with Dave and once with E and Q.  Dave is a big golfer and has been for years, and we are fostering the boys’ love of the game too. I golfed as a child as my family all golfed, but gave it up for a bit during high school.  When I met Dave in university my early golf skills came in handy as I was easily able to join him on the course.  As our kids get older, I’m glad this is something I’ll be able to do more often.

Skiing - This is another family activity that we all like to do.  Dave and I did not grow up skiing on a regular basis other than going on a few school trips to our humble ski hills in Nova Scotia.  But when we moved to Ontario we thought we better take up a winter hobby so we bought skis and started going a few times per year.  We got our kids into as soon as we could and they are awesome skiers now.  E did racing last year and they will both be doing it this year.  We have done a couple of ski trips, and although I can’t really keep up with the kids now, they do kindly wait for me at the bottom of the hill.

Cooking - Although making meals is a necessity and not really a hobby, I sort of consider it to be one since I am interested in finding new recipes and I enjoy having people over for a meal. Both Dave and I like to cook and it is a skill we will be trying to pass along to our kids.  

Exercising - Another thing that is sort of a necessity, but the workouts I do on Peloton are so fun to do that I consider it as more of a hobby.  I love scrolling through the various workout choices to find one based on playlist, instructor, and area of the body I want to work, and when I’m actually doing the workout, I never face it with dread.  I can only remember one or two times when I didn’t love it, once it was too easy, and once I didn’t care for the instructor (although the music was great). 

Podcasts - I listen to a few different podcasts at home, driving, or when I’m walking around during my workday (getting lunch, walking to/from the subway).  Some are for informative purposes only, some are funny, and some just fill the time.  

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  1. I LOVE that we both listed "reading" and "blogging" as our first two hobbies! Hahaha! I love my "penpals." :)

  2. Reading and blogging are the best that we all seem to share!

  3. Blogging is my favourite hobby! It's been fantastic getting to 'know' lovely people like you Sarah!

  4. Yes to reading, blogging, and cooking. I have looked at exercise as work for so long that I started to hate it. Now i am switching my mindset to a necessity and doing workout i enjoy.

  5. I love that you have lots of active hobbies; I'm not so good at keeping those up!

  6. I sooo wish that I could convince myself that exercising is a hobby and is fun! For me, it is punishment for all my eating. HA...not quite but I am not a fan of exercising. Sigh. And blogs that are just for fun are the best, in my opinion:)

  7. You are so good about staying active - skiing, golf, etc. Those are awesome hobbies. I can't believe I didn't include my blog. lol...I gotta go add that in my post. haha

  8. It is important for us moms to have hobbies and something for ourselves.
    You have some great hobbies, especially the golf and the skiing. What fun.

  9. More often than not I come away from your blog thinking “Sarah and I are so similar!” Today is another one of those days. :)
    Lauren @ Don’t Mind Our Mess