Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Long Weekend Recap

 Well, that was it, the official end of summer.  Back to school today.

Our kids were visiting Dave's parents last week so on Friday we drove down to get them. 

We biked over to the beach and took a dip.

On Saturday morning we drove to the Pinery Provincial Park.  We usually camp there for Labour Day weekend but this year we decided to forego the camping.  Instead we biked and went to the beach and then got to go home and sleep in a bed ;)

This little monkey did a 12 km bike ride (and then another 2 km roundtrip to the beach).  He did so well!

Our friends that we usually camp with were there for the weekend, so we got to visit with them at the beach.  Then we all grabbed an ice cream before we went home.

We ordered Chinese food and had cake for Dave's mom's birthday.

On Sunday we watched the F1 race before driving home.  That night we watched the new Indiana Jones movie and Q dressed up like Indy.

On Monday we went to the Toronto Zoo.  It was hot and I said we were in training for Disney.  A few of the animals were quite active but we missed out on the lions and the penguins weren't out in their big enclosure for swimming.

The kids did the Gorilla ropes course and did awesome!

My favourites, the polar bears.

We skipped a couple of sections, it was so hot!, and went to the splash pad.  They do a great job at the zoo, lots of fun.

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