Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Christmas Recap Part 1

 A few memories of our holiday:

I had to go to the Eaton Centre for a last minute gift on the way home from work one day and got to see their beautiful tree. It's way prettier in person. 

I had lunch with a colleague on Tuesday before Christmas, we finally made it happen!

We bought our Christmas tree a few weeks before Christmas but since we were only able to move back upstairs the week before Christmas, we had to leave it outside and then finally brought it inside on Wednesday the 20th.  It was actually in pretty good shape.

That night we also had lobsters.  Dave's parents had come for a couple of days and we managed to fit in this tradition amongst the chaos of moving back upstairs.

On Thursday my mom arrived and we ordered Chinese food for an easy supper.

Then we started decorating the tree.  It was a group effort.

The kids had been dying to make cookies, so while I was at choir, they got that done.

The tree looks good!

On Friday, I got my work finished up by 2:30 and went out to meet some friends for drinks.  I was supposed to be meeting the girls, and Dave was meeting the boys but we ended up at the same place!

When we got home, Q wanted to decorate his cookies he had made the night before, so we dove right into that project.

Then we made some appetizers for our supper.

And we started our puzzle.

On Saturday the kids did some crafts with Nana Anne.

On Christmas Eve, I had a couple of minutes in the morning to enjoy my coffee and work on the puzzle.

I went to church in the morning and then we went in the afternoon for Christmas Eve. The kids got to place a nativity figurine at the front.

Some brief time at home before going back to church for the Candlelight service.

Dave and the boys stayed home and got ready for Santa.

And then it was Christmas morning!! Santa was here!

Q had asked for "lots of Ninjago Lego"

Santa brought Nutella!

And lots of V-Bucks for E!

Time for first breakfast.  


(And we had croissants)

Q got right into his Lego before even eating anything. 

This was his other Santa gift, a DJ toy.  E and Dave had fun with it.

Some cool shades that will work for skiing and baseball. 

And a new coat for me.  It's white so it means I'm constantly yelling out "don't touch me!" while wearing it around the boys.

Some new Caribbean style shirts from Nana and Papa's cruise.

And a new golf bag for Dave, handy for the various golf trips he's got in 2024.

We had turkey dinner.

My favourite!

And a piece of peppermint oreo cheesecake to round out the day.


  1. One thing I always miss about Christmas in Saskatchewan is we don't go to church and I love our Christmas Eve service. Also, hahaha about the white coat and "don't touch me!" I'd be the same way!

  2. Such beautiful photos of your holiday! And I am loving these sneak peeks into the house transformation too.

  3. Aww, I loved looking at all your Christmas fun. The kids sure seemed to have a fantastic time with their nannas. The lobsters look so delicious. They are super expensive over here and a real treat! That's so cute how Santa brings your kids Nutella and sugary cereal. Haha! I would tell everyone not to touch me too if I wore a gorgeous white coat like yours.

  4. What an amazing Christmas! Your tree is beautiful and your house looks stunning. Your church is so a candlelight service. The white careful. haha! Your boys look like they had the best Christmas.