Friday, January 5, 2024

Friday Favourites


Happy Friday! 

For some of us, it has been back to work this week, but our kids are still on school holiday.  They've been going to ski racing camp all week.  Dave and I have taken turns going up with them and working from the chalet.  The kids have enjoyed the camp and the weather has been pretty good. 

Q's new ski bag is almost as big as he is! It's not heavy and he's able to carry it himself.

I took the tree down this week and noted a couple of special ornaments.  This first is from my aunt for my first Christmas back in 1981.   I love putting it on the tree each year.

And this one from Hawaii. As I put it on the tree this year I remembered when we bought it when we were in Lahaina, Maui, and knowing that the store would have burned in the fires this year.   It makes this ornament even more special. 

The sun came out in Toronto on Thursday!  We have had many grey days in the past month so it the sun was worthy of a photo.

One of my favourite meals this year was at Carbone in Miami.  I came across their branded sauce this week, it was $12.99.  I mean, the meal was good and all, but a $13 bottle of sauce seems a bit crazy.

Dave got a new golf themed card game for Christmas, Play Nine.  We played it every night this week.   

Q will set it up for us while we are tidying up from dinner and then we do a few rounds before bed.

Another fun game we got was Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza and have played it a number of times since Christmas.

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  1. We were all so excited to see the sun this week too! I took a couple of photos of it shining. Those ornaments are so precious.

  2. So many people were posting about the sun on Thursday! I'm so glad we had a sunny Saskatchewan Christmas because days of grey are not good for me. Also, we love "Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza." It's SUCH a fun game!!!

  3. The ski racing camp sounds like a lot of fun for the kids.
    What beautiful Christmas ornaments.
    Wow! I just converted the $13 to British pounds and there is no way I would pay that much for a jar of sauce. I guess it's not just here where prices are on the rise. Eek!

  4. Ski camp sounds so fun! My kids love Taco, Goat, Cat...

  5. Ornament memories are the best!! I love looking at ours when we put them up and take them down! We love Play 9. It’s so quick and fun! We all went back to work and school last week. It went so fast!
    Sarah @ Sunshine & Books

  6. So fun! My husbands family always plays that golf card game, but they just play with a regular deck of playing cards- I never knew there was an actual game! So fun! I also bought the taco game for my brother for Christmas but haven't played it myself- I've heard its very fun!