Friday, January 19, 2024

Friday Favourites


Hello, Happy Friday!! The kids don't have school today and we are leaving the city to spend a coupe of nights in Huntsville.  E has a race on Saturday at the ski hill there and we wanted to avoid a super early morning.  We have a U14 team dinner tonight that we are looking forward to. 

Now, onto some favourites for this Friday.

To celebrate the signing of our contract, my colleagues and I went out for lunch on Monday.  We went to Beer Bistro. I had not been there in many years.  I ordered the mussels and duck fat fries and they were as good as I remembered them.

This cool dude joined me on Tuesday morning when I got up early to workout.  He came down in shorts because he couldn't find any pants.   

On Wednesday I posted about our new closet. From looking at others' posts in that link up, I get the feeling I need to go shopping!! Haha

I got my haircut and highlighted this week.  It's always nice to brighten up my hair a bit.

I took down all of our Christmas cards. We are so fortunate to receive cards from friends and family from across Canada and around the world.  I appreciate each and every one of these cards.

With the Hunger Games movies leaving Netflix this week, we needed to power through the last two.  We stayed up late on Wednesday and Thursday but we are done.  I love these movies and glad that E does too, and so nice to see Philip Seymour Hoffman again.  He's one of those people that I get sad about every once in awhile, like Robin Williams, and Heath Ledger. 

My Instagram algorithm is all skiing reels right now, my favourite this week was the one where the bear ran across the trail. Could you imagine?!  We have booked a week at Mont Tremblant in Quebec for March Break. There are some families from the kids' school going so we pivoted there for this year.  I hope the bears are sleeping!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh, enjoy your weekend in Huntsville. I wish we were headed that way again this year. And yes, please stay away from all bears!!! Love your hair -- it looks so good!

  2. The mussels look delicious. I’ve never tried duck fat fries, I’ve only tried goose fat potatoes and they’re so good! Anything with the word fat is always going to taste great! love your hair Sarah! The cut and colour really suits you. Enjoy your time in Huntsville.

  3. Oh I love the Hunger Games series; when my oldest started watching them all we kept pausing it to fill him in on missing story details and I got him to read the series with me!

  4. That closet is gorgeous! I never realized I was a minimalist until I read all those closet posts too