Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Weekend Recap

Friday was a welcome sight last week!  I stopped in at the liquor store before I picked up Q and I was buying what I thought was a pretty standard order (2 bottles of white wine, 2 bottles of red wine, and 8 beer, plus a bottle of Campari).  We don't drink all of this in one weekend, but we like to have a variety.  The cashier says "oh are you having a party?" No, I am not.  I did not appreciate the judgment from the liquor store cashier of all people!! 

I bought the Campari so I could make Negronis. This was delicious and a great way to kick off the weekend.

Skiing on Saturday. It was warmer but the snow was in pretty good condition, even despite the rain they had during the week.

We caught Q on one of his runs.

Lunchtime, rosy cheeks and all.

Dave volunteered as a parent helper with Q's group in the afternoon.

The next day we split up to different hills.  Dave and E went to Glen Eden in Milton for a race and Q and I went to our regular hill.  The conditions at the race were less than ideal.  Milton is basically Toronto and we don't have any snow here and it has not been very cold.  I was actually surprised this ski hill had snow, let alone was hosting a race.  

This is not E, but you can see the snow has some brown patches.

It was a tough race with lots of DNFs and Disqualifications.  E DNF'd his second run which was too bad.  He said the snow was not great and he spun out on one of the top gates. 

He looks great though!

The reason why I didn't get around to posting anything yesterday was because I was enjoying my Sunday evening so much, I didn't want to break away and get the laptop out.  We had football on the TV, the boys were playing iPad and Lego, and I was working on the puzzle. We were disappointed that Detroit lost. I guess we will cheer for KC, my mom likes "Patrick" (as she calls him, they are friends, haha) so I'll support them. 

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  1. Yeah, this is a tough winter for ski hills. As the past few have been... I don't care about anyone playing in the SuperBowl. Bring on baseball!!! Hahahaha!!!