Monday, January 15, 2024

Winter Cozy

For those of us in Southern Ontario, we are finally feeling the winter weather.   We had a mild November and December, and only had a bit of snow here and there.  Now winter has settled in with colder temperatures and snow.  This is your gentle reminder to take it easy and burrow down. 

We like to be active in winter, as we go skiing twice a week, but that means we treasure those cozy times at home even more.  

We do puzzles.  We play games.  We watch movies.  We sit under blankets.  We turn the fireplace on.  We make warm food.  We light candles. 


  1. Stay warm today, especially, with that wind. Or maybe your windchill isn't as bad as ours (-25 -- brrrrr). And thank you for inspiring to make a hearty soup tonight. I was dreading making supper but when I read your post I thought, "She's right -- it's the time to embrace warm food."

  2. I love all of those things's nice to stay warm and cozy...and I like that we have a bit more time to do things like puzzles or watch movies.