Monday, January 8, 2024

Sharing Our Lives - Intros and Jobs

Hello! Welcome to our new 2024 link up series, Sharing our Lives.  You can join us on the second Monday of every month with these topics.  Use our graphics and link up with us below.  My co-hosts are AdrienneDaraJen, and Joanne.

Today we start out with a brief introduction and then we'll talk about the jobs we have had.

My name is Sarah, I live in Toronto, and I've been blogging since 2014.   I am married and we have two boys, ages 12 and 7. You can read a more in depth introduction from the post I did last year here.

Now onto the jobs I've had over the years.  

Babysitter - This would be many people's first jobs I bet.  I had a few different families that I would sit for in town.  I think I was paid $4-5 an hour back then. 

Genealogical Society Student - My job between high school and university was at the Genealogical Society.  We would do research on local family trees, looking through microfiche, logging records, and helping people who would come in look through the records we had. 

Museum Guide - After first year university I went back home for the summer and worked at one of the three local museums taking tourists through the exhibits.  

Hostess and Waitress - I did this for the rest of undergrad.  It was my uncle's restaurant, Salty's in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I loved this job.  We were mostly busy in the summers because we had a big patio on the waterfront, served seafood, and attracted lots of tourists.  

Summer Law Student - After I went to law school I had jobs at law firms for the summers after first and second year, as one does.  The first year I worked in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and the second summer I worked in Halifax.  You really do everything as a summer student, lots of research, filing, and random things like helping to plan the summer party.  I still remember some of the things I researched as a student. 

Articling Clerk - This is the position you take after you finish law school but before being called to the bar.  I worked in Saint John, New Brunswick at one of the regional firms.  My articling principal was a corporate lawyer and it was him that urged me to practice corporate law, instead of litigation.  It was the right call, I am definitely more cut out for this type of work. 

Private Practice Lawyer - After I was called to the bar, I moved to Toronto, and found a job at a firm.  My practice was mostly with owner-operator small to medium sized businesses, preparing shareholder resolutions, succession planning documents, corporate maintenance records, and then buying and selling the business itself.  I worked at this same firm for 11 years.

In-House Counsel - This is my current job.  As the only in-house lawyer for a private mining construction company, I manage all of the legal matters.  I will use external counsel for some specialty things, like employment, patents, banking, etc. but I do a lot myself.  In addition to actual legal work, I also look after our insurance portfolio, ESG strategy, crisis management, and other things.  I've even gotten to go underground a couple of times at mines in Timmins, Ontario and Mexico.  

Mom - Of course this is the most rewarding and the most challenging. If you're a parent, you know that the work here is never done :)

Thanks for joining us today!

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  1. I forgot to add "mom" to my jobs. Of course. Hahaha! And I feel like the Genealogical Society would have been an interesting place to work.

  2. I didn't realize you worked for a mining company! Somehow I missed that in all my reading.

  3. Thanks for co-hosting this great link-up. The topics for the year sound very interesting and I'm excited to join in. You've had interesting jobs, Sarah. I think I would have enjoyed being a museum guide. I totally agree with you that being a mum is the most rewarding. A lifelong challenge but also the best job ever in my book!

  4. Fun reading this! I need to write my post still!

  5. You’ve worked a wide variety of jobs! Mom is my favorite title, too.

  6. Did I know you were a lawyer? I feel like I didn't, but it has also been a long day. Mom is the best job ever.

  7. I enjoyed reading your post. Your current job sounds fascinating. Being a solicitor (as we were living in England at the time) was my goal but a move to California put an end to that. I wonder if things had been different?

  8. I enjoyed reading all about you. Thanks for the fun link up!

  9. Oh wow! You have had some really fantastic jobs. I love the idea of being a museum guide and working in law sounds so interesting.

  10. Your current job sounds very interesting and rewarding! I'm sure it took a lot of hard work to get to where you are today. The museum guide job sounds like it was fun!

  11. Yes, seems like most of us started out babysitting and working in fast food! I didn't even include my jobs while I was a teenager. That's so interesting that you're employed at a mining company - I remember you were a lawyer but didn't make the connection. Law is interesting to me, but my understanding of it is more at a Judge Judy level (haha) and I'm in awe of people like you that have the discipline and smarts to study and practice law.

  12. You've had so many interesting jobs. Your current work seems really interesting too! I love that you included being a mom...that is a wonderful job!