Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Weekend Recap

On Friday I was finally able to get the contract signed that I have been working on for several weeks (I mentioned this in my Friday Favourites post).  It was nice to get that done! 

We had a very cozy meal of Stanley Tucci's recipe for Pasta e Fagioli and Andrea's recipe for garlic bread

We headed up to the ski hill on Saturday morning.  It was raining when we left Toronto and we had some wet flurries up at the hill. It made for some sticky snow and I didn't love the skiing.  But we did lots of runs anyway.

Lunch time!

In the afternoon the temperatures dropped and the precipitation was snow instead.  Then the conditions were easier for me to ski in.

These are the Daves I know.

We had a social event with Q's U8 team at a local bowling alley afterwards. Q loves bowling.

It was 5 pin bowling with the small balls, the type of bowling I grew up with. I was feeling nostalgic so I ordered a Keiths.

It was a fun event. Mostly the kids bowled and the parents mingled, but I threw a few balls.

Because we knew we were going to be late we had decided to stay at a hotel nearby. 

We met our friends for dinner, who were also spending the night.

We woke up to a very snowy day and we were glad we had spent the night.  Hotel waffles for breakfast!

E ready for his day of training.

Check out the snow on the lift.

And this was the view from the top of the hill.  We were in a blizzard!  But it made for awesome skiing.  Powder days are very rare in Southern Ontario.

We had a great day skiing.  This was our car when we came out to go home.

The drive out of the ski hill area was challenging. It was still snowing and the roads were mostly covered.  We were moving slowly for awhile.  But then we got to Innisfil (for those who know where I'm talking about) and it was like a whole new day! Bright and sunny, clear roads.  I said it felt like I had to pass a test and the reward was clear roads.  I don't really mind driving in the snow and it's good to keep your skills up.

Everything hung up to dry when we got home. I did some laundry and the dishes, and then we had leftovers from Friday for our supper. 

And we get to do it all again next weekend ;)


  1. We had a super intense drive from just east of Sauble Beach until Hanover on Sunday afternoon -- whiteouts and going 40km/hr most of the time. But then the roads magically cleared (or at least were WAY better) until we got north of KW. When winter hits here, it hits with a vengeance! The snow on Saturday (when we didn't have to drive anywhere) was completely magical though!

  2. Wow! I love reading about your skiing experiences. I can't believe all the snow on your car! That's crazy.