Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Weekend Recap

Last weekend was our first full ski weekend.  as I noted in my Friday Favourites post, the kids had ski racing camp last week, so Dave and I took turns taking them up.  On Friday it was my turn.  I did not have the day off and had some phone calls to make and emails to send, but I also got out for a few runs myself. 

Check out my new goggles!

My favourite green run, Big Lonely, opened for the first time on Friday at lunch and I was one of the first ones on it.  It was so pretty with the snow coated trees becasue of the snowmaking.

When we got home, Dave had started in on Pizza Night. It was our first time making pizzas since we moved back upstairs.  

On Saturday we were all back at the ski hill, this time for the first day of the actual ski program.  It is Q's first year in the racing program, and he was excited to get started. 

And Dave and I got to go out skiing by ourselves for the morning. 

And skied with some friends in the afternoon and grabbed a beer before the kids finished up.

Day 6 of skiing for the boys, they were troopers to get up early every day and ski in the morning and afternoon without ever complaining.  This was like skiing bootcamp since we won't need to do this many days in a row again, doing just two days on the weekends will be a breeze.

In the morning Dave and I skied all of the trails on the Mount St. Louis side, and then in the afternoon we did all of the trails on the Moonstone side.


We did a couple of runs with the kids at the end of the day before going home. 

The first thing Q said when we picked him up on Sunday was "I made a friend!" which is great, and as a bonus his coach said he got his skis parallel. A successful first weekend.  As for E, we got him a new ski team jacket, he was excited to feel more part of the team, but it means it's harder to pick him out on the hill as he looks like everyone else now. He has a white helmet and white boots so that's a bit of a clue!


  1. I love how much you all love skiing. Ever since you wrote about "We live in Canada, we need to embrace a winter sport to enjoy winter" I've been thinking about that. If it ever gets cold enough, we're going out skating this year...

  2. I have never been skiing but always wanted to try. without falling, getting cold, or breaking a bone. I want to get back to doing homemade pizza nights with the family.

  3. Wow! I'm amazed by all that snow!! I love your goggles they look so cool! Sounds like you all had so much fun skiing all weekend. So nice to hear Q made a friend and good luck spotting E. That reminded me of when my boys did a surf awareness course years ago. They had to wear fluorescent swimming caps and so did the 150 other kids! From the beach, they all looked like M&Ms bopping up and down in the surf!