Wednesday, January 10, 2024

How we do Ski Lunches

As we kick off another ski season, I wanted to tell you about what we pack for our lunch.  This has evolved over the years but our major catalyst for what we brought for lunch was the pandemic.  Back in 2021 although the ski hills were open, we were not allowed in the chalet, they didn't even let us in to use the washroom, they had porta-potties outside instead.  In 2022, the chalet washrooms were open, and the restaurant was selling food, but you weren't really allowed to go in and hang out.  Instead we had to "car-chalet" meaning we got dressed at the car and had our lunch at the car.  Let me tell you, it was cold on some of those days!  And because of the cold, we needed more than just a sandwich for lunch.  We started bringing hot water so we could make soup and hot drinks. 

Now even though we are allowed inside, and can buy from the cafeteria, we still like to bring a warm lunch. It is a great feeling to be back out on the slopes after being warmed up inside.

The first step is the hot water.  We have this 64 oz HydroFlask, but unfortunately this year it seems that the thermal aspect is gone.  Dave is working on getting a replacement through their lifetime warranty, but in the meantime we are using two smaller bottles to bring along our hot water.

Dave, E and I like the noodle soups.  Q is partial to just a sandwich (peanut butter and jam usually).

And we all like a different hot drink - Q likes hot chocolate, E likes apple cider and Dave and I like hot chocolate and coffee mixed. We have this little pouch to store the various options. 

We have some tin mugs, but this year we have just used the cups we used for juice and coffee on the drive up.

We may also have leftover pizza, cheese and crackers, vegetables, fruit, and trail mix.  And we try to remember to put a snack in the kids' pockets in case they are hungry while skiing. 


  1. We need to get better at bringing our lunches with us when we know we're going to be out for a day. Our default is often "let's just eat out." There are many times we could bring along something that would be good and tasty. And I should start packing snacks which can just stay in the car for those random "hungry moments."

    1. During the pandemic when we did lots of hiking, we would bring our hot drinks along with us. It kept us moving in the cold.

  2. Kids are in ski school this year. Thanks for the tips!