Thursday, March 31, 2016

April Goals

Here were my goals for March.  As per my usual custom, I didn't do much.

1. Read two books this month.  Our book club selection and the book I got for Christmas.
I read our book club book but instead of moving onto that other book, I started reading my next book club book instead. 

2. Organize my clothes.  
I did not do this again but with the change in season I am definitely going to do it this month!

3. Decorate for Easter and try an Easter craft with E.
We did decorate for Easter and we dyed eggs.  E also did some non-Eater related crafts last week.

4. Ski at least two more times before the season is over.
We skied once more, but then it really warmed up so we decided our season was over.

5. Find a children's bible to give E for Easter.
Done. I found this one on Amazon and the pictures are lovely along with the narrative that is written in a child friendly way but still tells the story. 

Okay, April, here we go:

1. Organize my clothes! (This will happen!)

2. Put away our winter coats and boots and clean out the front closet.

3. Go through our cupboards and throw out expired and old food.

4. Spend some time helping E to learn how to ride his bike.

5. Schedule a hair appointment and a mani/pedi. 

6. Make a healthy snack to bring to work.  Something like energy balls, granola bars, or roasted nuts.

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