Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Media Wednesday

My Favourite Oscar Moments

LEO!! I have loved Leo since Romeo + Juliet.  He has had some amazing roles and I love that his talent has endured over the years.  It's too bad that we all knew he was going to win, if it had been a surprise, it could have been even better, but his speech was great, very poised, sincere, and he made his point about climate change. 

As a second part to this, I loved seeing how excited Kate Winslet was for him.  I think they are really friends, and that's so great. 

Tracey Morgan as the Danish Girl.  He is so funny, and I'm happy he is recovering from his car accident and was able to participate in this Oscar show. 

Saoirse Ronan.  She is beautiful, and although I still haven't quite forgiven her for Atonement, I loved Brooklyn.  Her dress was one of my favourites. 

The kid from Room. I know he has a name (Jacob Tremblay), but if I led with that, not everyone may know who I meant.  He should have been nominated for Room, he was just as good as Brie Larson.  He was adorable on the red carpet, and when he hopped up to see the Droids on stage.

The stars of Spotlight reacting to their Best Picture award.  I wanted The Revenant to win, but I like the actors in Spotlight and they were all so excited, it was fun to see. 

Chris Rock talking to moviegoers in Compton.  Forget about black vs. white, I loved that it confirmed that a lot of people just don't care about the Oscars, or movies in general.  

Joe Biden.  Because I love Joe Biden, but also his message, that segued into Lady Gaga's performance, that segued into rape survivors holding hands on stage, that then segued into Brie Larson hugging each of them as they exited (not seen on TV, it happened during the commercial).

And again...Leo.

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