Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Favourites

Linking up with AndreaErika and Narci for Friday Favourites. 

After this week, I need some favourites in my life!  I said to Dave on Sunday night, "this week is going to suck", and I was right.  I was sick, we were dealing with daylight savings time, and I had to work late every night this week to try and close a deal for today.  We are still working on it, but it should close today.  Phew, what a week!!

It was March Break, but we weren't taking any holiday so E still want to school and attended the YMCA program.  They had a few fun things planned including movie day at the local library and special crafts, like this fish. 

We love the Raptors around here, and this week we have caught up on some episodes of Open Gym.  I guess this is the only NBA team that does a behind the scenes style show.  I love seeing the players being casual, and all of the back stories. 

On Thursday on my way home from work, I may or may not have treated myself to some nuggets from my favourite fast food place.  They were so delicious!  I enjoyed every bite. 

Yesterday I talked about one of my favourite trips, to Dublin in honour of St. Patrick's Day.

On Sunday we are celebrating the birthday of one of my favourite guys, Dave!  He has been busy taking care of everything this week while I have been early to and late at work.  

Happy Friday!

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  1. A truly TGIF kind of week! Congrats on getting the job done. Love the fish. And nothing wrong with an irresistible nugget when you're hungry! Enjoy the weekend and birthday time!