Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Weekend Recap

We had a super sized weekend with both Friday and Monday off, two short weeks back to back, I love it!

On Friday morning, Dave and I did some painting downstairs while E watched some TV.  Then we coloured some eggs.  I hadn't decorated eggs since I was little, but we got some tips from friends and figured out what to do.  It was fun and they turned out nicely.

These are my eggs.  The one with the cross says "He is Risen" on the back. 

These are Dave's.  The red one was supposed to be a Raptor egg but he used red crayon and then used red dye so it didn't work out as well.  Plans will be improved for next year.

E of course picked orange for two of his. 

In the afternoon, we made Rice Krispie squares, cherry pie and supper.  Roasted vegetables on the bbq with grilled chicken over some mixed greens.

My favourite pie

On Saturday I got up and went down the street for some errands and then got back in time for Dave to go for his run.  Then E and I went to a birthday party.  The kids did some singing and dancing, along with a parachute, and then we had pizza and cupcakes.  A nice relaxing Saturday morning. 

After the party, E and I made some cupcakes.  And then we headed up north to have dinner with my cousins.  They had quite the ice storm and most of them were still without power, fortunately we had power where we were going. It was a big group, and we managed to get a photo before we ate.  We were happy to see everyone!

The kids played with some sparklers before we got in the car and headed back home.  E quickly fell asleep.

Despite our late night on Saturday, we were all up before 7:30 to see what the Easter Bunny had left for us.  E was really excited about hunting for the eggs.

He also got a big boy bike, although he was more excited about the eggs that were on the seat. 

Our Easter breakfast spread

After church and lunch and some house cleaning, we went for a walk by the river to try out E's new bike.  He has had a balance bike for a couple of years (the ones without pedals that he just pushed along with his feet) and so our thinking is that he doesn't need to bother with training wheels and will learn how to ride this bike right away.  He did pretty well but mostly Dave held onto the back letting go only a few times.  The hardest part is that the trail is so full of people that we always have to look out for bikers, dogs and runners and can't totally concentrate on what E is doing.  More practice will help.

Signs of spring along the way. 

"Fixing" his bike with sticks (the collection of said sticks I then had to carry home)

I'm here too!

The traditional Easter cake

Our ham, scalloped potatoes, sweet potatoes and creamed corn.  One of my favourite meals!

I took the day off on Monday and we spent the morning watching some shows, doing laundry and relaxing.  Then we headed out to pick up groceries and a few other things.

Lunch at the counter with this kid.

In the afternoon, E worked on some crafts we had picked up at Michael's.  After supper Dave and I did some painting and then watched some more House of Cards. 

A busy weekend!

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  1. Pretty eggs! Great looking pie and cake! I loved to see all the pictures of your weekend adventures. Thanks! Lots of love there.