Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend Recap

I didn't do a great job of taking pictures of our weekend.  We did a few things but not too much.  On Friday night, Dave went to the Raptors game so E and I had some leftover pasta for supper and then made brownies with mint green icing.  This was the aftermath:

After E went to bed, I got it all cleaned up and then did our taxes and fell asleep watching a couple of episodes of Fuller House.  I didn't have cable for much of Full House's main run so although I have seen many episodes, I wasn't a huge fan.  Perhaps for that reason I wasn't overly impressed with Fuller House.  It was okay but I don't think I'll watch the rest.  

In contrast, this was Dave's night, post Raptors game:

On Saturday I got up early and successfully registered E for all of his summer camps.  Then got some breakfast ready for jumping in the car to head up to the ski hill.  It was a beautiful day there. 

In the afternoon I took E to get his haircut and grab a couple of things at No Frills.  E picked out a Yop for his treat at the store.  He was excited about the peach flavour. 

We were all tired that evening so we ordered pizza, watched some curling and had a fairly early night.  

On Sunday, E and I watched some TV before church.  He also found his Flash costumer and put it on for a few minutes. 

In the afternoon we met some friends to see Zootopia at our local movie theatre.  It was really cute, enjoyable for both parents and kids.

Silly selfie while making supper.

Our weekend was capped off with the last ever (sniff!) episode of Downton Abbey.

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