Thursday, March 24, 2016

Our Easter Menu

It will just be the three of us for Easter weekend, no family visiting this year, but we still have some special meals planned. 

We like lamb and the weather doesn't look too bad for the weekend, so we will BBQ these lamb skewers.  Lamb is not something we usually eat for Easter, but I know it is a tradition for many.  Making the skewers is a little less work than a roast or rack of lamb, and will work out well since it is just us. 

For breakfast on Easter Sunday, I always like to have an egg dish and hot cross buns.  We will find some hot cross buns up the street, and I will make this casserole.  It is something I can make the night before and stick in the oven to cook during the Easter egg hunt. 

We will have ham and scalloped potatoes on Sunday night.  Last year I put the ham in the slow cooker using this recipe.  I will probably do something similar this year.  I don't really have a recipe for scalloped potatoes, just layer potatoes, butter, flour and cover with milk.  I love scalloped potatoes although Dave isn't a big fan. 

We will also make the annual Easter cake.  This was last year's cake.  It will look something like this again.  

I also want to make a pie since we haven't had pie for awhile, and everyone is a fan of pie.  Apple, cherry, lemon meringue? So many choices.   My pie crust recipe is here.

And if that wasn't enough treats, I also bought some Easter coloured sprinkles so I could make Easter themed Rice Krispie Squares.   I've done this for Valentine's Day too.  Basically you make regular Rice Krispie squares but mix in some sprinkles with the cereal.   Something like this (and I see they added Easter coloured M and Ms):

What favourite Easter treats are you making this weekend?


  1. All look delicious. Those lamb kebabs are so tasty! Wish we were there!

  2. Gosh all of these look good. Love lamb also!! And that cake!