Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Weekend Recap

On Friday night we were invited to our neighbours' for supper.  It was great to see everyone and E plays well with the other little boys.  I of course failed to take any pictures, but we had a delicious meal and a good time. 

On Saturday morning we were met with sunshine and warm temperatures.  Having decided that ski season is over for us, we got back to our spring/summer routine of walking up the street to do errands.  

E was happy to welcome the sun.  

We dropped off my winter boot to be fixed (hopefully for next winter and not this one), picked up some meat and vegetables, and got some new library books.

Dave spent the afternoon doing some work in the basement and then going for a long run.  E and watched a bit of TV and then we went outside.  

That evening, we took E over to a friend's house for a sleepover.  They live in our old neighbourhood.   It was neat to see what has changed and what hasn't changed.  We got to visit with them for a bit before we went out for dinner.

We tried a new restaurant, Furlough, in Trinity Bellwoods.  It was good.  They have an extensive cocktail menu and we both enjoyed our meals.  That said, I don't know if I would go back.  The atmosphere was only okay and I think there are more exciting places to go.

Since E was at the sleepover, we actually got to sleep in on Sunday morning.  Then I got up to watch non-cartoons before going to pick him up.  It was still kind of chilly outside but we walked up the playground for a bit in the afternoon.  Then got some treats on the way home. 

We capped off our night with a yummy chicken meal, prepared by Dave and E, and then the final of the Brier. 

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