Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Algonquin Park Camping Trip Recap

We went camping at Algonquin Park for the last weekend of July but since we were away last week, I am just getting around to posting about it now.  We love the Pog Lake Campground at Algonquin.  We have been there a couple of other times and will go back again.  We are always in the "A" section which has a nice beach.

On Friday morning we hopped in the car, ready to go!

Our tradition is to stop at Weber's for lunch and this year we arrived right at 10:30 when it opened.  It was not too early for fries and a hamburger, and we were not alone in that line up!

The boys running in to see me while I waited for the food. 

Q was a pro with his hamburger and ate the whole thing. 

A little playing before getting back in the car.

Our second tradition is to get an ice cream cone at Kawartha Dairy in Huntsville.  Beware the big scoops!  One of the other customers in line ahead of us ordered a double and then turned around to look at the rest of us in disbelief as she handed him three large scoops.  We learned our lesson before and stick with the kiddie and one scoop options.   I actually had her give us half a serving for Q.

Dispite this sour look, Q was having a good time and enjoyed his cone. 

Checking in at the campground.  We camped with two other families, our neighbours, and ran into one of them at the gate.

After setting up, time to check out the beach.  Unfortunately the heavy rains from the week before washed away a lot of the sand and created big gorges all the way down to the water.  

The water was warm and I went for a quick swim while the kids played in the sand dirt and shallow water.

We made tacos for supper and the kids played around.  There was a fire ban on during the weekend so we played some cards with E before he went to bed, and then sat around in the dark.  

The next morning we took a pre-7:00 am walk down to the water. 

So beautiful.

Our site.

Catching a few minutes after cleaning up.

Some time on the beach after breakfast.

Q had such a good time in the water on this trip.  He waded in and out making several trips to fill up a bucket and then dump it onto the sand. 
(He's laying on the ground here with the noodle, not actually swimming)

Since it wasn't a hot beach day and the forecast was threatening rain, we went on a hike at Spruce Bog.

Back to the beach after naptime. 

Some washer toss

And crafts

Bedtime stories on the beach.

Or just messing about in boats.

We did not rent a canoe this time, but I think Q is ready.

Just missing one kid in this photo.

Family card game.  We taught E how to play Asshole but we referred to it as the more kid friendly name of Presidents.  He liked it and played along with us and the other adults for a few rounds before we made him go to bed.  (This was Crazy 8's though.)

Sunset time.

Some washer toss at an empty site away from the sleeping children.

Our scorekeeper. 

Q and E in the playpen early on Sunday morning.

Down to the beach again after breakfast.  Dave took them down first while I did some packing, and then I went down while he did more packing up. 

Drying off and snacks while Dave and I took down the tent.

We got everything done by a good time so we went to the Logging Museum with one of the other families (the other had been away all week so they were anxious to get home).  I like museums where you get to walk around outside and explore the various exhibits.  All of the kids had a good time. 

We finished up just around lunchtime so we ate our picnic lunch (next to a very brave and persistent squirrel) and then hit the road.  We got home around 4:30, ordered some UberEats for supper, did laundry, and then packed our suitcases for our trip to Nova Scotia. 

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  1. Wow! That was a fun-filled weekend! Lots of super photos of you and Dave and the boys! 💗❤️💕