Thursday, August 23, 2018

Local Tourists

I took this week to spend the days with E.  We are going away today for the weekend and didn't want to book him into a camp for three out of five days.  Since people come to Toronto for their summer holidays, we thought we should take advantage of the local offerings.  

On Monday we went to Black Creek Pioneer Village.  It is north of us at York University and I have been wanting to go for a few years but we never got around to it.  With E's interest in real museums (two Citadels last summer, miner's museum and logger's museum this year) I thought he would like it, and he did.  He was very engaged all day.  My dad was in town so he joined in the fun. 

First up was the tinsmith shop.  

At the printer's learning about type.

Picnic lunch.

Learning embroidery.

Taking the role of minister in the church.

Carding some wool.

They do a great job of offering various activities for all age groups.  Some older girls (like 12) were doing a "choose your own adventure" type activity. They were dressed in aprons and bonnets and going from station to station deciding what they wanted to do next.  The one I saw them at was deciding to stay in school or quit and get a job.  They all decided to get a job.

Heading home.

We had planned to go down to Harbourfront on Tuesday but it was pouring rain so we stayed home instead.   It turned out to work for the best anyway since we are going away for the weekend, I was able to get groceries, do laundry, and prep food on this day (not sure when I thought I was going to do these things).

We did go to the Blue Jays game on Tuesday night.  We met several of Dave's family members who were in town for the wedding happening this weekend.  His sister Kyla stayed with us that night and took the subway down with us.

Not excited at all!

We were sitting by the U13 Nova Scotia Select Team.

E got on the big screen after Dave took him up to the Flight Deck and then put him on his shoulders and stood behind the dancers.  Then he came back with this button.

Trying to squeeze our whole group into one photo.

On Wednesday we went to Canada's Wonderland. Dave and I have not been there since the first summer we moved to Toronto (2008) but have wanted to go back for a couple of years.  It was so much fun and it feels like the park is in really good shape with lots new offerings and they are growing.  The weather worked in our favour since it was a little rainy and overcast all day.  E measured up at 50 inches so was able to ride most things.

We arrived before 10:00.  The rides open at 10 but we were able to get inside and walk around a little bit.

We went on Thunder Run and Vortex (E's first real coasters) but then he and I lost our nerve for this one, the Lumberjack.  Dave and Kyla went on it though.

Then we did the Bat and I figured we had scarred E for life, but he was fine and said it was okay (although he, like me, kept his eyes closed for most of it).  Then we did Dragon Fire.

We did one more coaster before lunch, the Backlot Stunt Coaster, and then went out to the car for our picnic lunch. 

After lunch we went on White Water Canyon, twice, and then decided to brave the water park.  Although it was not warm, we figured we should go, and the lines wouldn't be too bad.  It was chilly but so much fun.  They were closing early at 3:00 but we got about 50 minutes there, and that was plenty for the weather.  

Kyla on the last waterslide of the day.

Then we stopped to get a beer and chips (you can carry a beer around with you) and continued on to Dinosaurs Alive.  This cost an additional $5 per person but it was fun and E loved it. 

Everything at the dinosaur gift shop were on sale so we got two puppets.  

We felt kind of bad that we didn't bring Q on any of these adventures, but honestly he was more comfortable at day care and he will get his chance another time!

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