Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Weekend Recap

We had a nice relaxing weekend at home, the first one for a couple of weeks.  On Friday night we had chicken avocado lettuce wraps and then went to the playground.

Q can't quite touch the ground on his push bike but he likes it and we push him along.

I went for a run after Q went to bed, and by the time I got home and showered, there wasn't much time to watch TV.  We tried watching the Netflix documentary on Vietnam but turned it off and watched some Anthony Bourdain instead.

On Saturday morning we headed down to the St. Lawrence Market. We used to go here all of the time but haven't been for awhile.  We got some peameal bacon breakfast sandwiches to start, adn then picked up a few other items for our lunch and supper. 

We extended our adventure on the East Side of Toronto with a visit to the Corktown Common.   These photos aren't exactly in chronological order since I took some from my phone and Dave's phone.  We walked to the playground and played there for a bit, and then changed the boys' clothes so they could enjoy the splash pad, which they did immensely.  We also had our early lunch of prosciutto, cheese, and baguette that we got from the Market.  We were home by 11:45 with already so much accomplished!

Q was a little unsure of the water fountains at first, but then he got into it. 

Dave and E went for a 10K run (E biked) and when they got back I walked up the street to do some errands and we just hung out in the backyard until supper.

We had fresh pasta, sauce, and sausages from our trip to the Market.

Since we ate early we decided to go to Canadian Tire to pick up a few things for camping and around the house.  Then some frozen treats in the backyard.

I did a barre workout in the basement and E joined me.

Dave and I watched Homeland and had a couple of snacks.  

On Sunday morning we had no plans, which was glorious, and we just puttered around the house.  E did some reading, Q napped, Dave cleaned the garage and backyard, and I cleaned out some drawers in the kitchen.   After lunch, E had a t-ball game.  Q and I ran to the park to watch.   There is not one stitch of shade at the ball field, but there was a slight breeze.  

Q and I took the long run home, and we met my dad at our house when we got there.  He was there for the night before heading up to Algonquin to stay with friends.  It was his birthday so we had a nice steak dinner and some cupcakes (and we even had the right numbers for the birthday candles!).

We watched The Staircase and then some of Ballers before I fell asleep.  

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  1. That Corktown park looks great! What a super slide...and Q went down it! Nice shot of you in the hammock and the boys in the tree house. 💗