Thursday, August 30, 2018

Summer Recap

We had a really fun summer and did a lot of things.  Here are some photos of those memories.

E played t-ball about twice a week.

He had soccer twice a week two - one practice and one game.

We kicked off summer camping at Sandbanks for the Canada Day long weekend. 

We went to a (really hot) Blue Jays game.

We attended the Bloor West Kids Fest.

I took E swimming after supper.

E got a fresh new haircut.

We ate outside and had some frozen treats.

We camped at Algonquin Park.

We travelled to Nova Scotia and visited my family in Halifax.

and Dave's family in Cape Breton.

And enjoyed some fresh seafood.

We acted as tourists in our own city.  

Visited with some of my law school friends.

And some family

We went to a wedding in Muskoka.

And we are going camping today to cap it all off!


  1. I loved reading about it all summer and now, seeing this recap! What fun!