Monday, August 13, 2018

Day in the Life

 I always like doing these posts because as much as I love special trips and activities, it is our daily regular lives that I know I'll want to look back on as the kids grow up.

This was my day last Wednesday:

I set my alarm for 6:30 but got up at 6:45.

It was a rainy day, which we haven't had for awhile.  The view from the bathroom window.

I had a shower but didn't wash my hair.  E came in while I was in the bathroom.  Then I heard Q so got him up.

I got partially ready and went downstairs for breakfast and lunch making.  I had plans of scrambled eggs on an English muffin but we didn't have any eggs so I had yoghurt with berries. I made coffee with the beans I bought while in Nova Scotia.

Since it was raining, it was necessary to get boots and coats for everyone.  I drove Q to school and  Dave took E to camp.

I didn't have the right cord to listen to podcasts from my phone so just listened to the radio on the way to work.  Basically Toronto stations play Drake's Nice For What on a loop but I still love it.
At the office ready to start my day.

Mid morning snack of celery and almond butter while I worked.  I reviewed comments on a shareholders agreement, resent an invoice to a client, and had a phone call to discuss the transition of a director.

I walked across the street to get lunch - greek chicken wrap and salad.  I ate lunch in the lunchroom and then went back to my office to take a phone call.  Then I spent some time looking up restaurants at Disney World and talked to Dave on the phone.

In the afternoon I listened to some '60s music, including this gem.

A thunderstorm rolled through in the late afternoon and then our email stopped working around 4:30 so I took it as a good sign to leave!  In my car and ready go drive home.

I took my hair out of my ponytail and snapped this at a stoplight.

I picked up Q from school and when we got home Dave had supper all ready.  We had salmon with this mango salsa, green beans, and sweet potatoes.  I meant to get a photo before we started eating but I forgot, so here is the aftermath.

At supper we told E we are going to Disney World in October.  We have the Disney app on the iPad so Dave walked through all of the exciting things with E while I tidied up the kitchen.

Q played around without pants.

I drove E to his soccer but when we got there the refs had already cancelled it because of the impending thunderstorm.

So instead we went home and sat on the front step to watch the storm.

Then we got all of our devices out to do some planning for Disney

After E went to bed I had a shower, blogged and watched Amazing Race Canada. Then went to bed read for a bit and turned the light off around 11:00.

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