Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday Favourites

I started following this plant based Instagram feed - @easyanimalfree and was inspired by this story on meal prep.  Our summer eating habits have been less than stellar so when the school starts  next week we need to get back into healthy eating mode.

When you need to watch Paw Patrol after supper with your ketchup stained shorts. 

Q also needed to use the serving spoon for his macaroni this week.  He's at that stage where he's smart and aware enough to know what he wants to do but isn't able to understand why he shouldn't do something or communicate what it is he wants.  Give us strength. Also note the man bun, he needs a haircut. 

We picked up E's t-ball photos this week.  They had a great season!

I've been to momofuku's Milk Bar in New York and Toronto but have never tried the crack pie. After watching Christina Tosi on Chef's Table, I could not wait to try it, and it is pretty good.  The first bite reminded me of a butter tart but it's much sweeter.  

I posted a recap of our summer vacation yesterday.  Spoiler alert, we had lots of fun!

Enjoy your last summer weekend Canadian parents!

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