Monday, September 3, 2018

September Cozy Link Up

1. Slippers - yes or no?
I have a pair of slippers that I love but I don't wear them all the time because my feet get sweaty. 

2. What is your favourite blanket?
I like the one from Chapters that was the gift with purchase last Christmas, it's very cozy.  This is the one from two years ago, also a favourite.

3. Thin or thick pillow? 
Somewhere in the middle. 

4. Favourite warm beverage?

5. Robe, yes or no?
I have one but I don't wear it often, I prefer my blardigan to cozy up in.

6.  Favourite comfort snack foods? 
Popcorn with butter.

7.  Movies or TV series binge? 
I can't choose, it just depends on the time of night we start watching and how tired I am.  

8.  Actual PJs or Leggings?
I'm not sure why these are opposites, but my answer is neither.  I like pyjama pants and a t-shirt, but I don't usually have a matching set.  I would never sleep in leggings, they would be too hot I think.

9.  Do you cozy up on the couch or a chair? 
Couch.  I like to stretch my legs out.

10. Hoodie, t-shirt, or sweater? 

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  1. I don't think I could sleep in leggings either! I love to be cold when I sleep but that may send me over the edge LOL!

  2. I love my blardigan too, and use it kind of like a robe. I'm with you on sleeping in leggings...I think I would feel confined! Hope you have a wonderful week!