Friday, September 28, 2018

Friday Favourites

I picked up this little crow at Michael's the other day, it was already 50% off, so about $3.00.  A good addition to our fall decorations. 

E did an amazing job at his first art class this week.   The inspiration was Tom Thomson in Algonquin Park.  He really enjoyed it so I'm glad we signed him up for it. 

The other day I walked across the street at work to get some cough drops and decided to also pick up a steeped tea from Tim Horton's.  I used to drink tea exclusively so the taste and smell brought me back to my younger days particularly at law school when we would walk up the hill to Tim's between classes.

On Wednesday night I had to go to a networking event after work so I brought some to eat for supper so I wouldn't need to eat whatever snacks they had at the event (which turned out to be not that great so the soup was a good call).  The recipe is here and it was so tasty!  I made it without the quinoa and also left out the cayenne pepper, but I'm sure both would be good.

I posted about Q for his 2nd birthday in yesterday's post.  His birthday is actually tomorrow so this afternoon and tonight we will be preparing for his party and then celebrating tomorrow.  

Also some exciting things happening this weekend that we are looking forward to - the Raptors first (pre-season) game and the Ryder Cup (golf).  #sportsfan

Other posts I did this week - Why I love Seinfeld and What's Up Wednesday.

Happy last weekend of September!! 

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  1. Have the best birthday party!! Yes bringing dinner pr snacks when you are on a meal plan is a great idea!