Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday Favourites

I picked up some new pants at Old Navy this week.  I have been looking at their pixie pants for awhile but finally pulled the shoot.  They are both appropriate for work which is good as I'm getting tired of my work clothes. 

And to go with the red pants, I got this long sleeved top at Simons.  It's still a little too warm for a long sleeved shirt, but in a few weeks it will be great. 

Speaking of Simons, if you live near one, their winter coats are out and they have some great styles.  My everyday winter coat is from there and I get compliments on it all of the time.

Simons also has great home decor stuff so I got this black cat tea towel for Halloween.  I will probably get our fall decorations out this weekend. 

Q did not want any of his supper the other night but was satisfied with a few slices of bread with jam.  You win some, you lose some. He was fed and happy.

I wrote about How We Fall on Wednesday's post. 

We were always big fans of The Amazing Race but stopped watching a few years ago since we had too many other shows and couldn't keep up.  We did tune in for this season of The Amazing Race Canada.  I love seeing different parts of our country (and they do travel to a couple of other countries) and the people all seem great (and stereotypically Canadian).

You know I am a fan of the musical Come From Away, I've seen it twice, so when I found out there was a documentary about the real people on HBO (You Are Here, aired on Tuesday) I was excited to see it too.  (This is the story about the 38 planes that had to land in Gander, NL, on 9/11 when the US airspace was shut down).  All of the characters from the musical are in the documentary, as their real selves.  If you have seen the musical, see if you can get the HBO doc on demand.  They also showed the planes hitting the Twin Towers and then their collapse, and even though I've seen it so many times, it is still so devastating and I am still amazed it happened.

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