Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday Favourites

Short weeks always seem like long weeks, am I right?  Anyway, we are through the first week of school.  Seeing all of the back to school photos is my favourite.  I posted about E's first day here

My favourite podcast, Serial, has a new season starting this month!  It is all about the justice system, which is one of my favourite topics.  Can't wait!

Another favourite series starting soon is the Great Canadian Baking Show!  I somehow missed the Great British Baking Show that played this summer (although it was without Mary Berry) but I think I can find the shows On Demand and catch up on it there.

The Toronto International Film Festival is happening now.  My interest in this festival is still there but has definitely waned over the past ten years of living here.  I used to go down to Yorkville and try to spot the celebs, and we would get tickets to various movies, but now I barely know what's playing.  I'm sure I'll get back into it when the kids are a little older.  I did read this article about who is coming and some of the movies. Looks like lots of great stuff to look for during Oscar season.

E played soccer in the extreme heat this week.  He was goalie, and I gave him my hat to wear.  Colourful! And he made a few good saves.

Q has not been having a good week on the other hand.  Drooling and diaper rash seem to go hand in hand with teething, and it makes him quite irritable. Despite all that though, he is always happy to go to school.
Our healthy eating plan kicks off next week.  Although I have been loving all of the treats, I will be glad for this reset of our eating habits. But until then, I have to finish this tray of brownies!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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