Thursday, September 27, 2018

Happy 2nd Birthday Q!

We are celebrating Q's 2nd birthday on Saturday with a Baby Shark party, some brunch and cake, and little friends.   Our little Q is just the cutest guy.  I know we are biased but other people say it too!

He is pretty good-natured but is also reaching that stage where he has set ideas of what he wants to do, but cannot communicate them well enough so he gets frustrated.  He can lay on the floor and throw a fit for a few minutes, but then will brighten right up and get distracted by something else.   

He still loves sleeping and very rarely puts up a fuss when it is nap time or bed time; he seems almost relieved that he gets to go in his bed with his soother and his guy (his stuffy that he sleeps with).  And he knows they are to be left in his bed when it is time to get up.  He eats fairly well but has some quirky habits - he has to have yoghurt first thing every morning, he only licks or chews the jam off the top of the bread, but leaves most of the bread, will demand ketchup if he sees the bottle, and will eat a fig cookie and/or morning round pita anytime.  We still keep putting all of the food on his plate at supper and eventually he will learn to like it all.

He likes reading books and playing with toys.  He plays with E's toys, the small Legos, the Playmobil vehicles, and other cars, but it doesn't seem to matter that they are supposed to be for older kids.  He loves doing whatever E is doing and copies him all of the time.  He loves going outside and eagerly waits for help with his shoes and jacket.  He likes to clean up and put things away too.  

He is such a joy!

I usually do a birthday quiz with E but since Q can't really answer these questions, I am doing a condensed version just to keep a record of his current favourites:

Colour - Orange, we think.  He seems to prefer an orange cup or plate.

Stuffed Animal - His "guy", the head of an elephant on a blanket

Thing to sleep with - Guy, soother, and water

Fruit - He goes through stages where he will eat a fruit and then refuse it days later.  His current favourite is cantaloupe.

Thing to eat for breakfast - Yoghurt, for sure.  Sometimes that's all he wants, but he must have it first thing!

Lunch - a morning round pita

Supper - Meatballs with ketchup

Dessert - Ice Cream

Drink - Water, he gulps it down 

SongBaby Shark

TV Show - Paw Patrol.  He sits on the couch and asks for it.

Best Friend - Everett

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  1. What a sweetie! Happy Birthday to Q! 🎂🎈 Love to see all these photos of his smiling face and curly hair and with big brother, E. I can see that he does bring you JOY, 💖❤️💗