Monday, September 17, 2018

Little Things - Part 16

Celebrating the little things in life, which are really the big things when you think about it!

Scholastic book orders.  This weekend E and I sat with the book order forms Q got at school and picked out a few items.  E picked a book for himself and one for Q, and gave me the money for them.  I picked out a few Thanksgiving and Halloween books.  I remember getting the book order at school and since our town didn't have a big book store (although we did have Flemmings!) it was exciting to see new books to buy.  And probably a cat poster too!

A new ingredient.  I made this recipe for our upcoming week and got to try out lemongrass for the first time. Of course the asian grocers had it at their stores (although I think you can sometimes find it at Loblaws) so it was easy to find.  The flavour and smell is divine.

A new book.  I picked up Crazy Rich Asians at Indigo and can't wait to dive in.

Football on TV.  I don't follow along as much as I used, although I am still rooting for the Packers, but I like hearing the familiar calls and commentary on a fall Sunday afternoon.

Filling out forms.  E has brought home a variety of forms over the first few weeks of school and it always my job to fill them out and make sure they get back to the teacher.

Listening to a choir.  Our church has such lovely music and I really appreciated hearing the choir sing the anthem this week.  I sit in one of the front pews so it is almost like my own private concert.

Taking your kids to the office.  This isn't something I have to do often but last week I had to bring Q with me for a couple of hours.  He did pretty well, ate cookies, and watched Netflix on my phone.

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