Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend surrounded by family and in a beautiful location.  On Thursday morning we packed up the car, including Dave's aunt and sister, and headed north.  I was next to Q, and E was way in the back.

We stopped at Weber's for lunch and although we were there at lunchtime (12:30) we didn't have to wait long, they do a great job of putting people through that line.  Dave's aunt and E shared a milkshake.

All smiles.  

We decided on an ice cream too.

I made the big mistake of letting Q hold my cone for a lick or two and then he did not want to give it back.  After some screaming and struggle we managed to put some into a cup so I could eat that and gave the cone back to Q.

Then we were back on the road for a weekend at Delmonte in the Pines.  Dave's cousin was getting married there and most of the family came up for the whole weekend to stay on site.  It is a great spot and has been around for a long time so the main lodge, game's room, and dance hall felt like throwbacks to the 1960s (but in good condition).  We did a little exploring of the grounds after we got unpacked.

The bride and groom enjoying some alone time.

We were staying in a three bedroom cottage (The Rochester) along with Dave's parents, sister, and aunt.  Dave's aunt, uncle, and cousins from New Brunswick were staying in the adjoining cottage.  We hung with everyone in the evening and then some of us went over the hot tub. 

It was a beautiful day on Friday morning.  Dave got up early with the kids and got Q something to eat and then took them down to the dock to fish.  We played over at the beach and on the playground for the rest of the morning.

Lawn games in the afternoon while E napped (and then after). 

(This is empty of course)

Some snacks before the BBQ.

Cousin time.  We ate with the rest of the family and wedding party who were staying on site.  We had a bonfire afterwards but Q did not make it to that. 

On Saturday morning I took Q out to the porch to eat breakfast before everyone else got up.  It was rainy on and off all day (the wedding day) which was too bad.

Dave and his dad took E and cousin Mitchell over in the canoe to a small island to go fishing.

In teh afternoon, Q had a nice long nap, E watched some movies, and I read my book, so it was a great afternoon.  Then we got ready for the wedding that was starting at 4:00.

I didn't get any photos of the bride or during the ceremony - one reason was that I was trying to keep Q quiet and the other reason was we were encouraged to put our phones away and let the professional photographers take the pictures and I obliged.  
Dave's mother and her brothers and sister (Linda, Billy, Carol, and Sandy - it was Sandy's daughter getting married).

And again with their spouses.

Dancing with Q.  He had a great time at the reception and danced and played with the games outside.  But when I asked him at about 8:00 if he was ready for bed, he said yes and easily went to sleep.

I danced with E too, although he claimed he wasn't tired, he went to bed quite easily after this!

We capped off the night with some french fries and onion rings, and a bonfire. It was a lovely outdoor wedding and not deterred by the rain!

On Sunday morning we were up and ready to go home by 10:30.  E was going home with Dave's parents for the week so it was just three of us heading home.  Q slept the whole way.  We had lunch, played outside, and then we all napped, so nice!  

Meatball subs and Finding Nemo before bedtime.

I went to yoga in the evening and then we watched some TV and had some wine.  

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