Tuesday, August 7, 2018

August Party Link Up

1.  Favourite Birthday Party as a Child?
I remember one year, I think I was turning 12, I made my own piñata and had a sort of Mexican theme.  The piñata was pretty simple just a balloon in papier maché.  I always had my parties at home, since we lived in a small town there would have been few options other than the bowling alley, but we always had good food and cake and games. 

2.  Do you like to entertain? Yes or No?
Yes I do.  I wish we could do it more.  It can be difficult since most of the people we would invite have small children and so the timing has to be very precise and planned around eating and bedtimes. 

3.  What kind of parties are your favourite?
Nothing specific, just ones where I feel welcome and at home immediately even if I don't know everyone there.  If my kids are at the parties, it's always good if there are other kids for them to play with.

4.  Big or Small Parties? 
Both are good, with big parties, I get to leave early without telling anyone #irishgoodbye.

5.  Favourite thing to do at Parties?
Just chat to people and have a few beverages. 

6.  Party Food Favourites?
I'm always happy if there is a Mexican dip (cream cheese/sour cream base, chopped peppers, tomatoes and shredded cheese) served with tortilla chips. 

7.  Favourite Flavour of Birthday Cake?
White cake with buttercream icing.  I'll take it from a fancy bakery or from Loblaws.

8.  Balloons? Yes or No?
Sure. I'm okay with balloons but I am terrible at blowing them up, I need a pump. 

9.  Best Party Song? 
I've got to go with "You Feel the Same Way Too" by the Rankin Family.  And I'm not just saying that because I just got back from Cape Breton, it is just a great song and if you're a wedding with East Coasters, this will fill the dance floor, no question. 

10.  Do you like to dance? Yes or No?
Yes I do like to dance but we don't get to do it too often, so mostly I do lame dance moves for my kids :)

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