Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Weekend Recap

We made some pizzas for supper on Friday night for supper and then turned on Cars.  Although it was a rainy night, I went for a run in the pocket of clear skies.  When I got back we watched some episodes of The Staircase.  

On Saturday morning Q was up pretty early so I went downstairs with him and he had some yoghurt at the counter and then some bread on teh couch and watched the Wiggles. 

Then I went to pick up my friend Cindy, who was in town, and we went shopping at the the Toronto Premium Outlets and then had lunch at Scaddabush in Mississauga.  We are efficient shoppers and got everything we were looking for.

When I got home, Dave and E went to t-ball.  When Q woke up we went for a short walk so I could get a coffee and some produce.  We also shared some banana bread.  My sunglasses were one of my purchases at the outlets (from Fossil).

A stop at the playground on the way home.

Then when Dave and E got back, I went out for dinner with Cindy, our friend Kate, and Cindy's cousins who were also in town from Boston. 
I ventured over to the East Side and met them at The Brickworks Ciderhouse for dinner.  I had never had cider before but thought I should try it since I was there, and I thought it was very tasty.  I don't know if I could drink it all the time, but I'll definitely order it again.

I really wanted to go to the Broadview Hotel (across the street) but there was a line and I do not stand in line (that sounds snobby, it's just lazy).  I did snap this cool photo though.

Instead we went to Eastbound Brewing Co. and enjoyed some beer. 

I slept in a little bit on Sunday and when E and I got up, Dave and Q had gone for a run.

Then I went to get groceries and we did some stuff around the house and yard.  This photo was taken about 5 seconds before I got sprayed in the face.

Late morning we went to visit our friends and their new month old baby but I didn't get any photos of the sweet little girl.  Home for lunch and a nap for Q. 

While he was sleeping I prepped stuff for our dinner while Dave and E went for a walk up the street to get some things (like candy from Bulk Barn).  We spent some time in the backyard before our dinner guests arrived.

Fancy snack - vingar and olive oil with a baguette.  Q loved it!

My friend Sarah from law school, her husband and four month baby came to visit while they were in town.  We hadn't seen them in years so it was great to see them!

We had beer butt chicken, corn on the cob, yellow beans, and sweet potatoes, with apple/peach crisp with vanilla ice cream.  Simple summer favourites. 

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