Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Decorations

We decorated for Easter last weekend.  As much as I love Christmas decorations, I love Easter more.  We certainly don't have five boxes of Easter decorations, but we do have a few nice things and I picked up a few more things this year.  Easter means spring is coming and that means summer is on its way too.  I love the bright colours and since pink and green are my favourite colours anyway, Easter is perfect for decorating.

Leftover wreath from Christmas adorned with some sparkly eggs

Bunny from Dollarama

This blue basket, bird, and speckled eggs are from Michaels

Candy is its own decoration

Ukrainian style eggs from (Princess) Ana's bakery (It's actually just called Ana's, but we added the Princess part because of Frozen)

Handmade smocked egg by my mom

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  1. What pretty decorations! Nicely displayed. Spring is here in your home. Happy Easter!