Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wines for the Patio

Now that warmer weather seems to be upon us, it may soon be wine sipping patio weather.   I thought I would share a few wines. Some of these are staples, others are ones I only tried once but really enjoyed.  I'm linking to the Ontario liquor store site (LCBO).

This is actually quite a bit more than I would normally spend ($31) but I got it as a gift one time and it was pretty good.  Maybe a nice idea for a special occasion or a gift. 

This is more in my price range ($12.95).  An easy wine to drink.

We served this at our Christmas party.  It is so affordable ($8.95!) but still impressive.

I love Spanish reds. I had this one at a restaurant one time and loved it

Funny story about this wine.  A few years ago it was listed in the Globe & Mail for top wines, so like any good Torontonian Yuppie, I went right to the LCBO to get my own bottle no matter the cost ($19.90 by the way), and of course they were sold out.  They were sold out for several months after that, and then I was pregnant so I couldn't drink anyway.  After over a year of waiting, I finally tracked down a bottle.  It is a treat to buy, but worth it. 

We have been to this winery before so I like to support it.  For fans of Sideways, you'll appreciate this Pinot Noir.

At the Konzelmann winery in 2010

If you're looking to make a sangria, these wines are perfect:

Jacob's Creek Moscato (Australia)

Happy Spring!

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