Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Favourites

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How is it Friday again?!?!

For the past two years I have been in Vegas around this time of year.  I'm not going this year but I will be back someday. Today my Friday Favourites are my favourite things about Vegas.  This is why I love Vegas.

1. Being treated to luxury.  Last year I stayed at The Venetian.  It is a beautiful hotel and the price is way less than what you would pay for a high end hotel in any other city, even though you are in one of the top hotels on the Strip.  People go out of their way to help you even if you're not a frequent guest.  

2. Sitting by the pool.  I love taking my coffee and a book and going down to the pool early.  Then spending most of the day there.  I love my child, but being child free at a relatively child free pool is lovely.  The Venetian pool is right next to Tao Beach and although that's not really my scene, I did like hearing the music faintly from the pool party. 

3. The Spanish Steps Margarita and Mojito Hut in the Caesar's Palace courtyard.  They sell very generously poured mojitos in to go cups so you can go drunk shopping.  A must-do on a hot day.

4. Bellagio Fountains.  We may or may not have watched 3 or 4 Bellagio Fountain night shows in a row the last time we were there.  Why they give me so much joy I'll never know, but the combination of water and music is so great.  I actually clap when it is over, and sometimes audibly ooh and aah.

5. Shopping.  Sure the store are basically the same as they are in Toronto, and the money I have to spend is the same, but the experience in Vegas is so much more enjoyable.  I have found all of the store clerks to be so friendly, and maybe that is just how they are or maybe they treat everyone well because they don't know who has just won the jackpot.  I have bought a few great things there that I cherish but my favourite is my Tiffany necklace.

6. People watching.  This is a given, but seriously, the people you see are out of this world.  

7. Gambling.  I don't spend a ton of money, but I do enjoy playing the games.  Last year I got into the electronic roulette and won a couple of dollars.  Speaking of luxury, I love having free drinks brought to me.  Maybe next time I go, I'll feel confident enough to try the real live roulette tables.  I also like watching other people gamble.  I do not understand craps at all, so I'm amazed how quickly people play it.  Also when people throw down large amounts of cash, I am fascinated.  
Morning gambling with some champagne.

Can't wait to go back soon!


  1. i've never been to vegas but I really want to go! And drunk shopping can be dangerous for me!

  2. That pool sounds great right about now!!

  3. We love Vegas! I would go there as often as possible, but the money we spend gets to me. Wish they'd let me play with Monopoly money, LOL!