Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend Recap

I am so glad I decided to take Monday off, what a busy weekend!

On Friday morning Dave and E cleaned up the garage, took the snow tires off the car, and played in the yard.  I cleaned up inside the house.  Then we got our bikes ready and took off for the first bike ride of the season.  It was warmer than it has been but still a little cool.  It was nice to explore the trail by our house (along with the rest of Toronto).  I didn't take any pictures but the riverbank had a rough winter.  There are still large chunks of ice, portions of the bank washed away, and broken trees strewn about.

We stopped at the playground for a quick snack, swing and slide.

On Friday night we headed to a friend's house for a playdate and some pizza.  Such an easy relaxing night.  On Saturday morning we slept in a little bit and headed right out for swimming lessons.  Then we did our usual errands up the street.  This time we were picking up our goodies for Easter - ham, hot cross buns, flowers, etc.  Dave and E tidied up the garage (again) and I prepared some food.  I wanted to take pictures of our sweet potato salad but my iPhone told me I didn't have enough space, so here are the potatoes only.

Our weekend guests arrived mid-afternoon.  We headed down to Real Sports before the Raptors game.  The game was good, even though it ended in an OT loss.  We tried meeting up with some friends after the game, but we were unsuccessful.

Sunday was a busy day.  E and I started our morning with a sunrise Easter service at the park by our house.
E says, where did this snow come from?!

It was nice to be worshipping outside, some we don't do often.

When we got back the Easter Bunny had been at our house and left some gifts and had hidden eggs around the house.  E had a great time spotting the eggs and putting them in his basket.  I didn't get any photos until the aftermath.
One kid, three gifts, and one Easter basket made all of this mess

I had to go to church early for bell choir practice (yes, I'm in the bell choir), but everyone else came for the service.  A full service with brass, bells, communion, and the Hallelujah chorus.  We all came home and had naps (except E of course).

We were seven for Easter dinner.  I made ham, scalloped potatoes, carrots, asparagus, and sweet potato salad.

A family tradition from Dave's mom's side of the family.  This Easter cake.  E helped to ice it and put the marshmallows around the sides.

This weekend we also lost a member of my family.  We have some great memories from this summer when we went up to Manion Lake.

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