Monday, April 13, 2015


When my great-grandparents moved to Canada, they were the only people from their families in this country.  They raised their three daughters with the concept of family being the most important thing.  These three daughters grew up and didn't always live in the same towns, but they remained close and they raised their own families to appreciate being together.  

Recently E has become quite interested in cousins.  He says "even though I don't have brothers or sisters, I have cousins", and that is true.  I am an only child but I have no shortage of cousins.  There is nothing that can compare to your family.

We celebrated the life of one of our cousins this weekend.  It is a sad time, but we did enjoy seeing everyone.  Some families only see each other when someone has died, and although that has been the case for us at times, we have also been lucky to see each other for weddings, bridal/baby showers, and family reunions.

2008.  A pretty small group up at Hyatt's Manion Lake Camp

This year was an official reunion so we had a lot more attendees.

A bigger group, this was last year. 

We can be apart for a long time, but I always feel comfortable around my family when I see them.  I'm glad that E can grow up with this group of cousins as well.  I'm sad when we have to say good bye to someone, but happy that I have actual memories of that person to keep with me. 

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  1. Nothing better than being with family! So lucky to have a family who enjoys each other!