Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weekend Recap

We said goodbye to the last of our visitors this weekend.  My dad and his wife were still here, and Dave's aunt was arrived on Alberta to spend a few nights with us before her conference began.

Dave and I took advantage of our visiting babysitters and went to a fundraising event on Friday night.  This is the same event where last year we got the Jesus tree. This year we bid on a Jade tree and were successful. It is quite the interesting tree, and it appears to be pretty low maintenance (i.e. make sure it is in the sun, don't overwater, and fertilize once a year).  We'll see how this goes...

Our new tree, Crassula Ovate Gollum

Swimming was cancelled on Saturday morning, so instead we headed to the library, E got a haircut, and we picked up some sausage buns.  Dad and Karen had been at the St. Lawrence Market so they came over with some sausages for the BBQ for lunch.

Side burner for fried onions

Our first outdoor meal at the new house

After lunch we walked up to the playground and E's favourite place, the sandbox.

After we got back from the park, Dave and E watched a movie and then went to Home Depot.  I walked up the street by myself to pick up ingredients for supper.  

This is the new Shoppers' Drug Mart.  It is in the old Runnymede Theatre and it is the most beautiful Shoppers I have ever been in.  This is the view from the balcony. There used to be a Chapters here but then it closed.  It is great they have still preserved the old theatre features. 

When I got back, I made a snack of cheese and crackers and we sat on the front step. Well, I sat on the front step to eat it and drink some wine, while Dave worked on the front yard.  E alternated between snacking and helping. Then they headed to the airport to pick up Dave's aunt while I got supper ready.

My favourite meal

On Sunday, we all went to church.  Then Dave and E kept working on the yard.  Aunt Linda took some pictures and supervised, while I got supper ready.  
Cutting away the edge of the "garden"

Tapping in the stones.

Note the truck that helped to carry the stones from the backyard.

We had BBQd chicken, pasta salad, and green salad (recipes coming up on Thursday!).  Dave's cousin and her boyfriend also came over so we had a full house.  The apple pie didn't make it through the night.

 It is so nice to be outside and doing stuff in the yard.  Here are some pictures Dave took of his recent projects.  He said they weren't for the blog, but since I don't mind bragging about my husband, I wanted to share them.
The lawn is always a work in progress, but it is seeded now and there is an edge between the garden and grass.

This was last weekend's project, a platform for the BBQ to sit on.

Dave built this railing for E's treehouse

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  1. I thoroughly enjoy reading your weekend recaps! What a busy life you have. Full of fun and family. And good food! That is a favourite meal of mine, too! Looking forward to salad recipes later.