Monday, September 7, 2015

Back to School

We are still enjoying our last weekend of the summer - in lots of heat!

Tomorrow when E heads back to school, he will be decked out with these new things.
T-Rex Lunch Box picture
This is his lunch bag.  He will have a banana for recess, ham and cheese sandwich and cherry tomatoes for lunch, and an apple for second recess.  He also gets a snack at the after school program. 

New backpack.  We ended up getting the youth size, which is bigger than the kids size.  So although it will look slightly ridiculous because it's so big, the kids size wouldn't have fit hardly anything.  He doesn't have much to pack in his bag on the way there other than his lunch and his indoor shoes.

I got him a few new clothes from the Gap, like this one.  It will probably be too hot for a long sleeved tee but he can wear it to school with a t-shirt underneath.  I will have to save the new jeans for later in the month though.

I think we are ready but it will be a new experience for sure. 

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  1. I like your choices. Take some photos (of course you will!). And send them to me. Be sure to enjoy this new experience. Good luck to E.