Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Recap

We were a little tired this weekend after E's first week at school, and the weather seemed to reflect our mood.

On Friday night when I got home from work, E and Dave were making our fajitas for supper.  They were pretty tasty especially with some impromptu guacamole.

On Saturday we woke up to a drizzly cool day.  It was E's official last day of soccer where everyone plays a game at High Park, and there is free coffee for the parents and free pizza for the kids. It was still kind of hot in our house when we were getting ready so I thought I could do with shorts and a tank top.  Luckily I grabbed a sweater on my way out the door because it was not warm enough.  Luckily E had a coat and his shin pads and socks covered most of his legs.

The kids scrimmaging before the official game.

Happy to be there

High Park with the rest of the local parents. 

While we were there I discovered I had not gotten up early to register E for the Toronto Recreation programs.  This is a major parent fail.  Signing up for recreational activities is a recreational activity on its own - you've got to get up before 7:00am on the Saturday when registration opens, get several computers/devices set up to start trying to log in and secure a spot for your child(ren); it can take hours.  I am usually on top of these things but on this day I had no idea.  Swimming was all booked up (like there were 0 spots available in any Toronto program by 10:30 that day), but I was able to get a spot for skiing in January.  This was only possible because we actually wanted the weeknight time slot, not the weekends.  

After soccer we went out to do some errands - Home Depot, new shoes, Bulk Barn, etc.  When we got home Dave continued working on the front room by plastering the wall to prepare it for painting. He tarped it off so the dust doesn't go all over the house.

After watching most of what was the Blue Jays' marathon day on Saturday - double header including extra innings and a rain delay - we watched a movie, The Imitation Game.  This was really well done and so heartbreaking too. 

On Sunday morning I got up for a run in the rain (although I do note that I ran all summer, every other day, and it never rained when I wanted to run, so I guess I was due).  For breakfast I had Dave's homemade granola and some plain yoghurt.  We have made this recipe several times but we had lost the recipe - thanks to Dave's cousins in Cape Breton, who gave us the original recipe, and Facebook messenger, we were able to get the list of ingredients to make it again.

Over the summer we were those people who didn't go to church once, but we are back now.  Sunday school started this week so E and I went to church.  The discussion for the children was about Creation and caring for the creatures of the world.  When I picked up E from class (he's in the big class now, not the nursery), he had drawn a picture of a horse eating grass.  So I concluded that they were supposed to draw something to do with this theme and I thought this was a pretty good interpretation. 

In the afternoon I went to a baby shower for a dear friend. Lots of yummy food and a homemade fondant cake made by our hostess.

E and Dave picked up our ingredients for supper and a treat I see.

I made a vegetable curry from Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution cookbook.  Very tasty and even better, enough leftovers for an easy supper tonight!

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  1. Awesome weekend. I totally missed the sign up on Saturday for swimming as well. When I logged on at 9 am, all my spots were taken! Love homemade mexican! And that curry looks wonderful too!